Amalia Versaci

Amalia is an artist based in Princeton, New Jersey. She attended Rhode Island School of Design, where she studied Printmaking. Amalia regularly creates in a variety of mediums and formats, including digital drawing, collage and painting. 

Artist Statement:

"While I consider myself a multidisciplinary artist, my recent work has been mostly created digitally. I've found that digital drawing has given me the freedom to make mistakes, explore my aesthetic, and find my voice. I decided that if I was going to work digitally, I wanted the style to reflect the medium. I use flat planes of color in a vector drawing program, and tend not to use any brushes or effects that may lead the artwork to look more like a painting or other analog medium. 

Perhaps some might consider a digital drawing to be less purely artistic or valuable than a physical artwork, but I think in an environment in which we spend much of our time in the digital world, digital art is just as valid as a form of fine art as any other artistic practice. Though I plan on working on a series of paintings in the near future, I will continue to explore digital media, and to use my sketches and drawings to inform my work."


Dilemma. Digital Drawing, 2017.

Dilemma. Digital Drawing, 2017.